Hot, Hot, HOT!

26 Jun

Well, just wanted you to know, it’s so hot here in Texas, a chocolate and nut trail mix melted into a 4″x1.5″x.5″ brick of choclatey “goodness” after three hours in 100°+ weather.



24 Jun

We are in Dallas, TX! In a few days we’re going to see our church’s former (soon to be current) children’s pastor. Let me explain.

Our former children’s pastor, Ryan Fraiser, moved to Tampa, FL (the town our church is in) from Pampa, TX. Then they moved back to Pampa. Now they are moving back to Tampa, FL.

Our Trip Day 4

19 Jun

Well, yesterday we traveled through Alabama and Mississippi. Now we’re in Louisiana. Today we’ll go over the longest bridge in the US! It’s also the second longest in the world (the Chinese built a longer one that curves).

Our Trip Day 2

18 Jun

Well, here we are at Geronimo RV Park in Miramar Beach, FL. It’s a very good campground. It’s a very good RV park. The bathrooms are in great condition. Also, the owner’s uncle started the church nearby. So we’re thinking he’s a Christian. We’re leaving this afternoon. We’ve gone to the beach twice. We’ve also gone to Chili’s for a Father’s Day dinner. Also here’s the origins of common phrases. They might be surprising.
Jet Black
Jet black actualy comes from the name of a  very dark (obviously) black tye of ROCK named jet.
The theory is that, in the mid-1800’s, a common fad was to misspell words. So OK stands for Oll Korect. There’s another unpoular theory that it kame from an Indian word.
In the lime light.
A lighting system was invented by burning lime salts.

$1,000 tobyMac :)

16 Jun


Our Trip: Day 1

16 Jun

OK, here we are 5 hours from our destination. If you want to know how I’m doing this, we have a hotspot that converts 3G to WiFi. Well, all’s pretty boring right now. Well except for the fact we’re watching Rockshow Comedy Tour on the touchscreen Pioneer Electronics dash. OK, bye!

Do you have a Nook Color? Does it have an app that can email and it’s stuck at email?

11 Jun

Try this. Swipe across right-to-left the notification bar. It has the same function as the back button.

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