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New NEW Blog

13 Nov

Here it is:

OK bye!


One Word… School

13 Nov

OK this post will have to be quick. I haven’t blogged because I’ve been busy with school. OK. I said it. Bye!


Pheonix, AZ

6 Jul

OK we are here in Pheonix visiting with the Garcia’s, the family that foinder AMFM, the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries. We are about to eat dinner. Bye!

Protected: Secret

1 Jul

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Secret Post

1 Jul

The next post will be password protected. Here’s how to find the password.
If you write out the alphabet then start writing it again directly below skipping vowels (e.g. ABCDEFGH…)
                                       (         XXX  XXX…)starting with “({√(36)÷12}×{[(4^5)÷64÷8]×5]})*2” ‘th letter of the alphabet then fill in the vowels with the remaining letters and translate my name the full version of my codename will be the password.

The Encounter

29 Jun

I think it’s time to introduce my family and the family we’re visiting:
Our Family Trees

Tim Gregory—-Jodie Gregory
Nathan Nicole Noah Nicholas

Ryan Fraiser—-Lea Frasier
Ethan Tyler
We are here in Pampa, TX. A 1-letter difference from our hometown of Tampa, FL. We’re visting with (or rather they’re visiting with us) the family of the former soon-to-be-current childrens pastor I told you about two posts ago. Right now my brother Nathan is playing baseball Tyler on the Wii. Now we’re watching Tim Hawkins. BTW, the title if this post is the title of a GREAT MOVIE. Look it up. OK, bye!

Hot, Hot, HOT!

26 Jun

Well, just wanted you to know, it’s so hot here in Texas, a chocolate and nut trail mix melted into a 4″x1.5″x.5″ brick of choclatey “goodness” after three hours in 100°+ weather.

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