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We’re in Alburquerque…

1 Jul

…and we didn’t make a wrong turn! 🙂 If you don’t get it Bugs Bunny (yes, Bugs Bunny) once said “I think I took a wrong turn at Alburquerque” when he was lost. Anyway we’re here at Enchanted Trails RV Park. The have a pool (swimming) and pool (game). They also have a TV and laundry machines. It’s a really nice place. Anyway I think I’m gonna go swimming in a little bit. See ya later!


Our Trip: Day 1

16 Jun

OK, here we are 5 hours from our destination. If you want to know how I’m doing this, we have a hotspot that converts 3G to WiFi. Well, all’s pretty boring right now. Well except for the fact we’re watching Rockshow Comedy Tour on the touchscreen Pioneer Electronics dash. OK, bye!

One week until our trip!

11 Jun

In one, yes one, week we will start our trip across the western US! The date is June 15.


Welcome to my NEW Blog

19 May

Hello. I am Noah Gregory. Thanks for visiting my site. My family is planning a trip around the western US. I will blog about our trip here. Again, thanks for visiting.

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