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Pheonix, AZ

6 Jul

OK we are here in Pheonix visiting with the Garcia’s, the family that foinder AMFM, the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries. We are about to eat dinner. Bye!


Protected: Secret

1 Jul

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Secret Post

1 Jul

The next post will be password protected. Here’s how to find the password.
If you write out the alphabet then start writing it again directly below skipping vowels (e.g. ABCDEFGH…)
                                       (         XXX  XXX…)starting with “({√(36)÷12}×{[(4^5)÷64÷8]×5]})*2” ‘th letter of the alphabet then fill in the vowels with the remaining letters and translate my name the full version of my codename will be the password.

We’re in Alburquerque…

1 Jul

…and we didn’t make a wrong turn! 🙂 If you don’t get it Bugs Bunny (yes, Bugs Bunny) once said “I think I took a wrong turn at Alburquerque” when he was lost. Anyway we’re here at Enchanted Trails RV Park. The have a pool (swimming) and pool (game). They also have a TV and laundry machines. It’s a really nice place. Anyway I think I’m gonna go swimming in a little bit. See ya later!

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